A Clark Kent Moment

June 25, 2010

About a year ago, my youth leader from Chippewa Evangelical Free Church was talking about prayer.  “Worrying instead of praying”, he said, “is like trying to push your car out of the mud when you have Clark Kent in your back seat.”

Our lack of prayer sounds really stupid when you think of it that way.

Later, “I mean, why would anyone try to push their car on their own when they have Superman ready and waiting to help?” he asked.

“Oh wait, you mean Clark Kent and Superman are the same?”  One girl had just now figured out the analogy from 15 minutes ago.

A few weeks later a newcomer said something that she thought was dumb and called it a blonde moment.

“Around here, we call those Clark Kent moments”, I told her.  That got me a prompt kick in the shin.

Don’t have a Clark Kent moment about God.  Remember who He is and that He’s there to help you.


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