Whats all this INO stuff…?

Hey everyone, been a little while since my last post. I hope all is well out their in fan world, lol. As for TFF we have got some great things coming ahead…but I’ll get to that later.

For now I’m just curious as to why we are getting involved with INO records so much. Is it a blessing in disguise? I think so…

Let me bring you up to speed. About a month or so ago we got a call on a saturday afternoon, at about 10 in the am. It was a pastor in new castle, asking us to play a show that night. The reason he was so delayed was because he originally had the band Decyfer Down coming in to play (signed to INO records) but the lead singer’s wife had some complications. So by 12 we confirmed, and we met at 3, were there by 4, and play at 6. Talk about a rush job. But talk about a blessing too, it was a great show. God gave us the opportunity to cover for a huge band and he blessed us with it.

Ok so on to the next INO run-in. As a band we play every week at the wexford new community church on sunday nights as the worship team, and on some thursdays for their youth. Well being the big church they are, they decided to bring in Steve Fee (signed to INO records) to put on a worship concert for the congregation. Wouldn’t you know that they asked us to open for him? So we got to open for someone from INO. Siiiiick!!!

God is great!


Saturday, October 25th, 2008 Shows

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