UPDATE 3-20-09

Hey everyone we hope all is well. Some quick TFF updates.  We are excited
to announce that we have the privilege to open for a great band, Manic
Drive.  Manic Drive is a national touring Christian band that really rocks!
Check them out at www.myspace.com/manicdrive.  The show is April 10th,
2009 at The Net Outreach in Butler, PA. We are currently selling tickets
for the event for $10.00.  Contact booking@thirdfromfirst.com for ticket
purchasing information.

In other news, we set exact recording dates to start on June 12th.  We will
be back in the studio at that point recording our new demo and you all
should expect it by late summer.

Finally, we are also taking a little trip to a place called Nashville,
Tennessee. On July 10th we will audition in front of several major record
label executives, booking agencies, and national promoters.  This is a
fantastic opportunity for us and all your prayers would be appreciated

Proverbs 3:6 – In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your

Thank you as always,
In Him,
Third From First

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UPDATE 3-9-09

Third From First regrets to inform the world that Brandon “Phil”
Fillinger is no longer the band’s bass player.  Phil and the rest of the
band were just going in different directions.  We as a group are happy to
say that we are still friends with Phil and that the split was done on good
terms.  We wish him the best in all his future endeavors and we are sure
that God will bless him in all that he does.  The band is currently taking
auditions for another bass player.

In other news, we are in the process of negotiating exact dates to go in to
the studio again for another recording.  We will be recording in Cleveland
at a very cool studio there sometime in May.  Fans can expect a new
recording from the band to be released in the early to mid summer.  Stay
tuned for more updates on our sophomore release!

Always check the TFF website or our official MySpace for concert updates.

Thank you for all your continued support,
Many Blessings
Third From First

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Big Big Things…

so 2 new crazy updates to let you all in on

1. We were contacted several days ago by a professional studio who wants to record an album with us and connect us with well know labels!!! Big things have come out of this studio and their mixes are amazing, so we are being hopeful and seeing where it can take us. Praise God!

2. We were just invited to be part of a compolation cd featuring s bunch of christian bands of different genres to raise money for charity. Our song “Ablaze” will be featured. Once we get them, they will be on sale so be prepared to buy one!!! Haha


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Whats all this INO stuff…?

Hey everyone, been a little while since my last post. I hope all is well out their in fan world, lol. As for TFF we have got some great things coming ahead…but I’ll get to that later.

For now I’m just curious as to why we are getting involved with INO records so much. Is it a blessing in disguise? I think so…

Let me bring you up to speed. About a month or so ago we got a call on a saturday afternoon, at about 10 in the am. It was a pastor in new castle, asking us to play a show that night. The reason he was so delayed was because he originally had the band Decyfer Down coming in to play (signed to INO records) but the lead singer’s wife had some complications. So by 12 we confirmed, and we met at 3, were there by 4, and play at 6. Talk about a rush job. But talk about a blessing too, it was a great show. God gave us the opportunity to cover for a huge band and he blessed us with it.

Ok so on to the next INO run-in. As a band we play every week at the wexford new community church on sunday nights as the worship team, and on some thursdays for their youth. Well being the big church they are, they decided to bring in Steve Fee (signed to INO records) to put on a worship concert for the congregation. Wouldn’t you know that they asked us to open for him? So we got to open for someone from INO. Siiiiick!!!

God is great!


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Blessings In Spite Of Me…

It never seems to fail. Anytime I start complaining or getting down on things, God shows up and says “Look what I can do, even when you dont think I can.”

This weekend went in the complete opposite direction that i foresaw it. First off on Saturday we had a show planned out in McKeesport for a church community event. It was an outside show. We we’re bring our system. We were scheduled to play two 45 minute sets: one at 1:30 and one at 3:15. We got 5 songs into out first set and then came the rain. As a side note, we had no tent set up or any solid coverage for out thousands and thousands of $ of equipment. So in a mad rush we had to take everything inside and get it out of the weather. No easy task for a system that usually takes 1 1/2 hours to set up/tear down.

Some of us got a little flustered about the situation. We were worried that our equipment would be ruined. And we even felt unhappy feelings coming at us. In spite of all of that. God gave us the show to play, God had us get paid, God took us safely to and from the show, God got this website up and going, and for me God brought me closer to the band in ways.

But He didn’t stop there.

Sunday morning I play with a praise team at a bar in Chippewa, Pa. We intend for it to be a great way to connect with people who don’t like the idea of church and want to be in a more “chill” environment. Being in charge of the entire morning at last minute put some added stress on me. And I got to talking about how i was dissapointed at the amount of people who come to the event sometimes (very new service, still growing). Moving on in the morning Troy was running a little late, which at first stressed me, but eventually blessed me. Because of his tardiness I decided to give a mini version of my testimony to use up some time and try and connect to some new faces. Through that, God brought two first timers to have solid, deep conversations with me. I also believe that they will be coming back and continut to help the service grow.

God never fails. Even when I get down and see only the bad in a given situation: He is there. He never leaves my side. I’m overwhelmed by the thought that there is a God out there who cares for me so much, He doesn’t just help me out, but He died for me.



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What up!

Hey everyone. Hoping you enjoy all the new stuff on our website. You’ll be hearing from me a lot. I’m a blog freak.







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