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It’s impossible to sum up the life that has happened in the past ten years! It has been an incredible decade for TFF and they wouldn’t change anything that has or hasn’t happened for all the fame in the world. Living “third” has proven to be their biggest challenge; yet, also their biggest blessing. Ten years into the journey and the goal is still the same: To live a life that reflects the simple truth of needing to put yourself “third from first” so that people can see and encounter Jesus Christ through it. It is for this reason, maintaining this consistent goal, that TFF has relinquished the earthly dream of rock stardom and will be following a divine calling into the world of non-profit music ministry in an effort to continue adding to Christ’s kingdom daily.

TFF still believes that being in a “Christian rock band” means more than obtaining a certain image, music style or performance. It means living life intentionally with honesty, intensity, integrity and passion. Whether you see TFF live or listen to one of their recorded projects, the wall of sound that greets you presents evidence of these four things. It is proof of a lifestyle based on the constant pursuit of excellence in their relationships with Jesus Christ, their family, their friends and their fans. It is also the picture of a lifestyle lived with confidence in God’s unconditional love, forgiveness and grace; especially when they fail.

Every aspect of TFF, whether it’s the screaming guitars, slamming keys, booming drums and bass or soaring tenor vocal, works together to reveal the intensity and skill with which these young men play. Each aspect also works together to reveal the growing intensity and passion with which Steve, Mike, Troy, and Ron continue to work toward fulfilling their mission to reach out and connect people to our Lord and Savior through powerful Christian hard rock. The intent of TFF is not to become something they are not, but rather to allow God to use them through their imperfections in order to write, sing and play about the need for a Savior.